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About Millenium Cargo & Delivery Company

Millenium Cargo & Delivery Company is one of the global leaders in logistics, offering an array of unrivaled courier, cargo and specialized transport solutions within Europe, America, Africa, Asia and even beyond including other specialized services to suit peculiar client need, as we completely understand the unique nature of business in our operating environment. We are committed to developing the most innovative logistics solution which guarantee individual and co-operate clients a delicate combination of time and cost saving benefits delivered through our uniquely modelled intra-city distribution network and an assurance of the Millenium Cargo & Delivery Company tradition of quality services.

Millenium Cargo & Delivery Company Global Forwarding, Freight

In its daily business Millenium Cargo & Delivery Company Forwarding takes care of a variety of customers’ logistics needs, from standardized logistics operations and multi-modal transport solutions to highly individualized industrial projects.

Supply Chain
Millenium Cargo & Delivery Company Supply Chain is the global market leader in contract logistics, providing warehousing, managed transport and value-added services and offers solutions for corporate information and communications management.

Global Mail
Millenium Cargo & Delivery Company Mail is a worldwide expert in providing customized solutions for your mail and B2C parcels. maintaining one of the world’s largest delivery networks on five continents.

Message of Trust
At Millenium Cargo & Delivery Company, the customers are our great asset and client satisfaction is the benchmark for success. Our assurance of unrivalled quality service is delivered through a highly skilled workforce upholding global best practice and most advanced technology and equipment is only just the start of our dedication to stress free logistics. Our combined logistics experience and partnership with renowned local and international companies offers access to an expensive fleet of cargo and dispatch assets to reliable and safely caters for every transport need. We also offer a round the clock tracking and call-in systems with status report delivered to clients and dedicated amount management systems for individual client support. At Millenium Cargo & Delivery Company, the “Satisfied Customers” for whom we intend to assist create value is the benchmark for success and our workforce, tirelessly striving to actualize corporate are our most valued asset.

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